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Premises Liability law is the body of law which makes the person who is in possession of land or premises responsible for certain injuries, whether they are physical, mental or social, suffered by persons who are present on the owner's property. Premises liability cases may seem simple, such as "slip and fall" cases, yet in some states the current laws favor the property owner to a much larger degree. Due to this, in assessing a Premises Liability case, it is often more astute to consult with an experienced Premises Liability attorney. A premises owner faced with a lawsuit should always file a claim with his insurance carrier. Contact a Iowa premises liability attorney representing clients in Des Moines, Iowa today to schedule your initial consultation.

Premises Liability cases may involve injuries or property loss due to several other factors. These may include negligence, property defects, fire, and even explosions. Animal attacks also fall into the category of premises liability. Asbestos cases are also on the rise, catching the nation's attention. These may fall into either the areas of premises liability or product liability cases. A particular type of cancer called mesothelioma is linked to exposure to asbestos in building materials as well as other materials, including brake linings.

Recently, another type of premises liability has evolved pertaining to security at shopping malls, hotels, subway stations and other businesses. Using excessive force, or not enough security force and/or efforts by the force have been the cause for many premises liability cases. Many courts have ruled that security for these facilities is not the sole responsibility of the police departments.

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